eNote is the combination of an e-reader and some functions for working (checklist, create tasks, or to-dos). The concept focuses on how a device can be the most comfortable in handling, carrying on with just one hand, it can fit any bag and pocket. Moreover, with Wifi built-in, all tasks from Email, Task, Note app will be synced. The eNote was designed based on the symmetrical design language and button-less user experience (using a light sensor instead of a home button).

My Inspiration
"I love the e-reader, I usually spend my free time for books and ebooks. I think the e-ink technology is awesome but there are few smart things, devices in the market used and developed based on e-ink.
After some research, I realize that many people love e-ink but they don't need a device that only has a reading ebook function, they need something helpful for their life, work. That's my inspiration to start this design."

The Challenge
eNote is a pocket device that has a small screen with multi-function for creating/checking tasks and reading ebooks; so the hardest part of this project is to rethink, redesign the UI/UX - touch keyboard, notification panel, folder view, task view etc.

uses e-ink, which is more energy-saving than LCD, LED, IPS screens, keeping your focus on working without caring about the battery. 
eNote uses a light sensor instead of a home button, just fast double taps for on/off (this is the main function of home button on the ereader) and fast pentuple taps for reboot (less or more than 5 taps will be no effect).
eNote has a thin silicone line on the back, which is anti-slip when putting on a flat surface and easy to hold in hand.
For less distraction, eNote's UI/UX was designed with minimalist icons, texts, and without images (except images in ebooks).

This concept have used sample ebook: Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel



Project type: Industrial Design, Product Design and UI/UX Design

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