AKUZOO's starting idea:

"Avid adventure sport athletes, we have done our fair share of travelling the world lugging a ton of gear. Everything from skydiving rigs to climbing harnesses, protective clothing, helmets and scuba gear, you name it. We’ve never found a bag that’s really fit for purpose, that’s built just for us by designers that truly understands the hassle.

   . Bags that were too heavy, too flimsy, not enough space or too much
   . Spontaneous side-trips without the right bag
   . Repacking and organising gear on arrival

As a community, we spend loads of money on incredible gear which is designed to have our back! We think we deserve a tailored gear bag; one that is innovative, custom made and fitting every possible adventure."
. Gear bag (100 liters) with the capacity to go up to over 140 liters with bag add on configurations. Tough, lightweight, weather resistant, this bag will get you and your gear anywhere on the planet in one piece.

. Weekender Bag (40 liters) with carry on dimensions. Under 500 grams in weight, made out of 400D ballistic CORDURA with a waterproof coating to keep your gear and valuables dry and secure.

. Day bag (14 liters), with laptop compartment, waterproof document compartments, expendable drink storage and a super lightweight design of 200 grams.

Client: AKUZOO
Industrial Designer : Neo Nguyen, Clover Pham
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